M. Othello is a unisex luxury brand. Founded in 2020 by Hassan Wilcox, the brand is committed to the values of self-expression and joy. M. Othello will achieve this through elegant and effortlessly stylish pieces that speak to the minds of men and women who prize quality, and originality, and have an open mind when it comes to their fashion choices. M. Othello is devoted to providing unisex products where you don’t have to worry about traditional menswear or womenswear labels. Instead, our consumers are empowered to determine what products fit with their identity and sense of style, without our company, deciding that for them. Ultimately M. Othello aspires to make a legendary statement in the fashion world by offering products inspired by the values, stories, and cultures of people across the world. M. Othello’s mission will be achieved by executing our vision to build a lasting and strong reputation for purposeful design, impeccable quality, and expert craftsmanship. In doing so, M. Othello will constantly strive to be known as the global unisex luxury authority.